Seller’s Tips

Preparing Your Property For Sale

Standing out in a crowd….first impressions count. 

When it comes to real estate, the heart and the head are working together. A well presented home will not only stand out from the crowd and encourage more inspections, it can ensure a higher sale price. On the other hand, a home that looks shabby and neglected may turn prospective buyers away even before they’ve had an inspection. 

Presenting your home for sale so that it does stand out is not difficult but there are a few basic thoughts to bear in mind. 

Sensible enhancements such as washing down walls and outside furniture, cleaning and painting window frames where necessary, fixing up broken fences and gates and carrying out any essential plumbing repairs are strongly recommended (see below for me ideas).

Put yourself in the position of a potential buyer and go through the property starting at the front with your agent, itemising the most cost-effective enhancements to make. At Elders, we have negotiated arrangements with interior designers, property stylists, landscape gardeners and trades people to help make these changes easily. 

Outside the Property

Painting or replacing the front door
Fixing the letter box
Tidying up the front garden by cutting down overgrown plants and trees and keeping the lawn neat. Add some mulch and or planting colourful flowers. Both are inexpensive and will instantly improve the appearance of your garden
Cleaning out garages and sheds to make them look more spacious
Ensure your house number is clearly visible
 Ensure any water features such as pools or ponds are clean.

Inside the Property

Painting in natural, contemporary colours will instantly update your home without spending too much money 
Cover old sofas with new throws and cushions 
Change flooring to modernise and update a dated look 
Changing the lighting fixtures, both inside and outside the property can provide a more modern look 
Eliminate any unnecessary clutter to make the rooms more spacious (including removing extra furniture which maybe overcrowding the rooms 
Clean carpets or wash curtains to remove any lingering odours and to breathe new life into tired furnishings 
Tidy up cupboards and clean up storage areas 
 Fix any cracks in the flooring or tiles and patch any holes in the walls.

Capitalisation – It is important not to over capitalise when making improvements. The cost to improve particular areas may not net a higher return in the sale price (over and above the investment). Therefore it is important to discuss this with your valuer or agent before making the investment.

Stylist – If your furnishings are a little outdated but you do not have the time or money to replace them, you may wish to consider hiring a stylist. An experienced stylist will replace your belongings with hired furniture, to give your property a makeover.

Open for inspections – Try to coordinate open for inspections at times which may present your property in the best possible way.
1. Ensure all lights are turned on and blinds are open to make it more inviting.  
2. Set the mood by playing relaxing background music.
3. Bake fresh bread/cookies or brew fresh coffee just before the open home as friendly aomas are inviting and create a homely atmosphere.
4. Use your best linen and towels to display; ensure they are clean.
5. Buy fresh flowers and display in numerous places to brighten up the place.
6. Remove your pets from the house.
7. Keep bins out of sight, both inside the property and out.
8. Do not linger, leave the premises at the time of the open for inspection.

If you would like further advice, please feel free to contact us.

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